What Should Be Paid Attention To When Buying TV Cabinet In New House?

- Jan 09, 2020-

TV cabinet is a highly functional furniture. As a qualified TV cabinet, we must solve several problems first.

First, where is the set-top box?

The core function of the TV cabinet is to place the set-top box or other XX boxes. Traditionally, an open area is made in the middle of the TV cabinet, where the set-top box is placed directly for remote control. On the one hand, it's not beautiful. On the other hand, it's easy to get rid of the dust.

Second, how high should the TV cabinet be?

I see many answers that the height of the TV cabinet should be 30-40 cm. If you really choose this height, it's a tragedy. It's very simple. At present, the height of the plug-in board of the popular TV wall is exactly between 30-40 cm. If the TV cabinet is also so high, the basic principle is to block the plug-in board in half, which is ugly and hard to use.

Therefore, the height of the TV cabinet should be below 30cm, or above 42cm. Considering that it is too low below 30cm, in fact, the height of a qualified TV cabinet is above 42cm.

Third, can the TV cabinet lean against the wall?

We use the TV cabinet to block the plug-in board of the TV wall. The thickness of the plug-in board is about 7 mm, and the plug is about 4 cm deep. If the back board of the TV cabinet is back, the TV cabinet will not be able to lean against the wall, leaving a gap of about 4 cm, which is not good-looking, and it will also drop things.

Therefore, for a qualified TV cabinet, either the backplane is not made at the height of the patch panel, or the backplane is retracted more than 4cm.

Fourth, what are the details of the store?

Many TV cabinets in order to place higher items, in addition to drawers, will be designed with a swing door, but the disadvantage of the swing door is that when more items are placed, the front row is easy to roll off. Adding a stop strip in front of the cabinet can solve the problem of rolling down, but ordinary stop strips will cause internal corners, which is not easy to take care of, so a qualified stop strip should be counter inclined, so that the dirty things in the cabinet can be wiped out directly with a rag.

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