When Is The Best Time To Customize Kitchen Cabinets?

- Jun 24, 2019-

Renovation is a long-term process, and many things require us to prepare in advance and plan ahead. The custom kitchen cabinet is a cyclical project, and the custom construction period is completed. The plate is sent to the construction site to hinder the construction. So choosing the right time is very important, so when is the best fit for custom kitchen cabinets?

custom kitchen cabinet

First, Decorate scheduled

The owner can book the kitchen cabinet before starting the renovation, first order the material, style, color, etc. of the cabinet, and discuss the design style with the designer. After the preliminary plan is passed, the cabinet can be set aside and the decoration can be concentrated.

How long does it take to wait until the kitchen cabinet is installed? There is a calculation formula: production cycle + logistics cycle + assembly time.

One thing to note is that the materials of the kitchen cabinets are different, the production cycle is different, the period of the double veneer is 8~9 days, and the baking slab and solid wood board are about 28 days.

The logistics cycle should be divided according to domestic and imported. Domestic cabinets can see finished products in about one month. Imports may take three months. The actual logistics time will be affected by various factors such as weather and traffic.

Assembly time is not the most important, and the skilled installer can install the cabinet in one day.

kitchen cabinet

Second, the installation time

The installation time of the cabinet is after the hydropower transformation, the kitchen tile and the wall painting are all done, and the cabinet needs to be measured twice before installation.

The first measurement was made before the hydropower retrofit was made to design the specific functions and layout of the cabinet. At this time, it is necessary to communicate with the designer about the initial idea of the kitchen, such as the placement of electrical appliances in the kitchen, the type of range hood, etc., to facilitate the reservation of power outlets. In addition, a hydropower map is required to allow the constructor to arrange the traces in accordance with the water and electricity.

The second measurement is after the tile is finished, the purpose is to check the specific size of the cabinet. At this time, you need to tell the cabinet company that you have determined the model size of the installed appliances, range hoods, sinks, stoves, etc., in order to open the hole, as well as the cabinet's color, handle, basket and other trivial things to be determined again.

For the time to customize the kitchen cabinet, the above is our advice. In the initial stage of the renovation, in fact, the cabinet furniture can look like, you can see more choices, and you can also determine your own home style.