Why Custom Kitchen Cabinets

- Jun 10, 2019-

Nowadays, people are demanding more and more kitchens. Good kitchens need not only reasonable use of space, but also high-end atmosphere for cooking. The layout planning of cabinets is particularly important in kitchen decoration, which is related to the practicability of the whole kitchen. Therefore, many people choose customized cabinets. Common customized cabinet layout has L-shaped, I-shaped, U-shaped and double-line, so how to layout design is the most reasonable?

kitchen cabinets

L-shaped cabinet layout is more common in life, because it does not require a high kitchen. This kind of kitchen layout is generally placed on the L-shaped side of the stove and lampblack machine, a group of ground cabinets or refrigerators on the L-shaped side of the shorter. The biggest advantage of this layout is to make use of the corner space of the kitchen, which is full of functions and has a sense of hierarchy, so that the kitchen activities are more convenient.

The shape of the cabinet is slender and very suitable for the narrow kitchen of small apartments. It places appliances, cabinets and operating desks along a wall. All functional zones are in the same straight line. It is simple and intuitive, and occupies a small area, so that the small space can be used efficiently. It is noteworthy that the workbench in this layout should not be too long, and the operating distance should be reduced to facilitate activities.

As an extension of L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped cabinet is usually added to another long side of a counter, or a whole wall of high cabinets, this layout is the most receptive. As long as you stand at the middle point, you can take into account the work of the other three areas. Washing and cooking can be carried out synchronously. The moving distance is very short, the cooking efficiency is very high, and it is convenient to take things, and it can accommodate many people to operate at the same time. However, the choice of U-type cabinets should first have enough space to dominate, this layout is suitable for larger kitchen units.

The general corridor and corridor kitchen are more suitable for designing double-line cabinets. One row is planned as operation area, the other row is planned as refrigerator high cabinet and storage area for household appliances. The wall space is used to install double-row wall cabinets or wall high cabinets to reduce operation distance under the premise of more efficient use of space. In order to keep the moving line unblocked, it is better to keep the distance between the kitchen utensils on both sides of the double-line kitchen between 100 and 120 centimeters, which can make the most effective use of kitchen space.

As the most important accommodation space in kitchen, the layout of cabinets has a great impact on the overall acceptance. The layout of the cabinet is mainly based on the size of kitchen space and household structure to carry out a reasonable design. If the kitchen has deformed space such as load-bearing columns or beams and columns, designers need to make additional adjustments.