Countertop Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Handmade Bathroom Vanity

Countertop Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Handmade Bathroom Vanity

The Bathroom vanity sinks cabinet is a simple and free living space we built. Quiet and elegant tones, like the warm sunshine in the winter, the soft warmth is the warmth and elegance of your imagination. This is a collision between luxury fashion and art.
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Product Details

Since the establishment, our company has always practiced the concept of science-led development, accumulated experience in the kitchen cabinets for small kitchen, 7 door wardrobes, bathroom cabinet and vanity field, so as to provide users with high-quality and reliable products. After precipitation and development, we have successfully solved many customer problems and accumulated rich experience, covering customers all over the world. And because Kayo deals in the entire spectrum of protective equipment, our customers don't have to waste time shopping around. Anytime anywhere we are still here to be your partner. We need to design organizational structure according to business needs, rationalize management functions, reduce business crossover, and improve the operational efficiency of the company.

Description of goods

Main cabinet material:Solid wood board / high density board / solid wood
mirror:HD silver mirror
sink:High temperature calcined ceramic basin
Name:Bathroom vanity sinks
Shipment:By sea

Bathroom vanity sinks

Bathroom vanity sinks

Bathroom vanity sinks


1. Wrap with bubble film

2. Use foam packaging

3. Outsourcing with thick cardboard boxes

4. External wooden frame fixing

We will negotiate with you according to the actual situation, this package is for reference only.

Bathroom vanity sinks


1. Multi-layer solid wood

2. HD silver mirror

3. Environmentally friendly paint free

4. Multi-color optional

5. Antifouling glaze

6. Greater storage

Bathroom vanity sinks

Our management is in line with international management, so as to achieve scientific and effective, and improve the competitiveness of Countertop Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Handmade Bathroom Vanity. Our company is committed to producing high quality products and providing customers with the expected service. We take safe, healthy, reliable and high-quality products as the carrier, and actively build long-term solid trust relationship with customers.


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