Four Door Wood Wardrobe with Drawer and Cloth Hanger

Four Door Wood Wardrobe with Drawer and Cloth Hanger

The beauty of the 3 door wardrobes with drawers is reflected in the most commonly used furniture, and Amblem is to make each piece of custom work a unique art. Simple lines, wood color, realistic pine texture give a warm, natural, fresh home experience.
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Since the establishment of our company, we have been constantly innovating brands and developing new Kitchen Cabinets 30 X 12, Pvc Board Kitchen Cabinets, Swing Door Wardrobes and achieved good economic and social benefits. Our company enhances consumers' recognition and loyalty to our brand through various ways, expands our brand awareness and positive association, so as to enhance our brand value. In order to ensure the quality of products and services, and to go abroad, our enterprises adopt strict quality management. We actively adapt to the development of the era and can meet the needs of various consumers.
Name of commodity:3 door wardrobes with drawers
Additional features: 
multifunctional furniture
 frame structure
Is it customizable: 

3 door wardrobes with drawers

E1 solid wood particle board cabinet

100% pure natural solid wood material, without any impurities, with high strength, scratch resistance, easy care, etc. After rigorous testing, the environmental protection level has reached the European E1 standard.

3 door wardrobes with drawers

Multi-color choice, choose your love

Austrian Blum hinge

Selected Austrian Blum hinges, after 200,000 smooth opening and closing experiments, cast, wear-resistant and deformation-free

Metal clothes rail

Preferred aluminum alloy thick design

Sturdy and unbreakable

3 door wardrobes with drawers

Embedded gold waistline

High quality must first be electroplated to paint extraordinary texture

Drawer slide pulley

Drawer track, smooth and comfortable, feel comfortable

Stainless steel damping buffer

3 door wardrobes with drawers

Dear customers, we will provide you with professional design and service for any needs in the Four Door Wood Wardrobe with Drawer and Cloth Hanger field. We believe that our company will be your best business partner. We make the quality culture permeate every field and become a conscious behavior of the company's employees. According to the product requirements of different fields, the products under different working conditions are produced.


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