Fully Automatic Industrial Pasta Machine

Fully Automatic Industrial Pasta Machine

Heating tube at the upper, lower and rear directions to achieve the 3D heating effect. For different food materials, we provide more specific heating methods
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Tasty tube technology Microwave Oven's quick detail

Product size (mm)


Power rating


Capacity (L)


Half installation size (mm)


Full installation size(mm)


Tasty tube technology Microwave Oven's show

• Double temperature detectors ;

• Dual heating tubes provide the independent temperature control at the top and bottom;

• Multi-dimension baking;

Original creation of self-cleaning inner contains, automatically absorbing and cleaning oil;

We will continue to provide our customers with the best products at the best prices, and we are ready to provide technical services for casting and finishing to meet the ever-changing needs of our Fully Automatic Industrial Pasta Machine. Our company's sense of innovation is constantly enhanced, and the mode of technological innovation is constantly changing, which makes our company's achievements of technological innovation continue to increase. The two complement each other.


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