Mirror Rose Red Stainless Steel Cabinet with Metal Plates for Living Room Furniture

Mirror Rose Red Stainless Steel Cabinet with Metal Plates for Living Room Furniture

Our C channel kitchen cabinets are solid and easy to install, with a unique fine smooth and smooth L-blocking technology, so that your kitchen has no dead ends, clean and tidy, no more dirt.The stylish appearance of the cabinets and the scientific interior design make the home more comfortable and practical.
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Product Details

We will state with absolute certainty that for 12 X 12 Kitchen Cabinets, Track City Kitchen Cabinet, Light Wood Laminate Kitchen Cabinets. Our company takes "build quality with technology, improve brand with service" as its corporate purpose, operates with integrity and dedication, and actively establishes sustainable business alliance and strategic partnership with customers. Our company has a very rigorous scientific management system, reasonable product structure, unique and exquisite manufacturing technology. For a long time, we have won the trust of our customers and also won a broad sales market for the company. We sincerely look forward to your inquiries and negotiations! We always have lofty ideals and ambitions in our hearts, and always keep in mind the responsibilities and missions of the team, and move forward with our feet down-to-earth.

C channel kitchen cabinets

Cabinet brand: Amblem

Model: AMB2863

Color: ivory / elegant black / custom

Warranty duration: 5 years

Platen thickness: 15mm

Size: We support customized sizes, please contact us

c channel kitchen cabinets

C channel kitchen cabinets

Muse, Not blindly, do not agree, perhaps just a door, but can let you smell of time secure ( extraordinary plain jane ) to design simple, plain , through the ingenuity of the material, function and detail treatment , to a big hidden qiao, to meet the master removed flashy, simple self-discipline and distinctive elegant taste.

Custom introduction

1. About the production cycle

Due to the special nature of the customized furniture, we will sign the contract and receive the letter of credit (if payment by letter of credit), we will immediately arrange the factory to make furniture for you, the delivery time depends on the order quantity and the factory's working day. .

2. About logistics

Because it is a large piece of furniture, we generally rely on marine transportation, and everything else is subject to the contract.

3. About after sales

We will carefully check the quality of the goods before shipment, and we will have a 5-year warranty period.

Material details

c channel kitchen cabinets

c channel kitchen cabinets

With our professionalism and good quality of the Mirror Rose Red Stainless Steel Cabinet with Metal Plates for Living Room Furniture and warm service, we have won the recognition of the industry and have cooperated with many famous enterprises at home and abroad. Our factory implements modern scientific management, based on advanced process design and production equipment. We enjoy a high position among consumers with our "complete range and reasonable price" products.


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