Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe with Full Mirror (HF-EY0223)

Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe with Full Mirror (HF-EY0223)

Modern 3 door wardrobes with mirror, beautifully designed, equipped with stainless steel gold-plated handle, large storage space, vacuum stainless steel gold plating process, environmental protection sheet, bright paint, environmentally friendly paint, high temperature resistance, high brightness and high density. Polished and polished many times, the gloss is as elegant and easy to clean as a piano.
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Since the establishment of our company, we have been adhering to the sustainable development strategy and the common philosophy of reaching goals with customers, striving to become the world's leading supplier of modern TV stand cabinet, 360 Degree Rotary Roasting Technology Electric Oven, modern tall bathroom cabinet! Our company adopts a quality management system to effectively improve the management level, reduce losses, improve economic benefits and become your right-hand assistant. Our excellent corporate culture is the full embodiment of our spirit. Please find our website to check more information from our products. We have established strategic partnerships with many companies to form a high assurance and low cost product supply chain.
3 door wardrobes with mirror
Item No:AMB7243
Product Color:White/Custom

3 door wardrobes with mirror

Selection of raw materials

1. High gloss paint panel

Environmentally friendly paint with high temperature resistance, long service life, beautiful and durable

2. HD mercury mirror

Multi-channel technology, clear imaging to restore the true beauty of you

3. Hardware door hinge

Excellent hardware, durable

Stretching smoothly, it is easier to use, silent roller,

Give you a quiet and comfortable life

3 door wardrobes with mirror

4. Vacuum stainless steel gold-plated frame

The use of electroplated stainless steel technology to demonstrate the luxury of temperament, while

Robust and durable, structurally stable, corrosion resistant and easy to clean

5. Powerful storage

Drawer side cabinet design, making small and small items

Instantly become well organized and change your neat space

3 door wardrobes with mirror

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