Sanitary Ware Egg Shape Bathroom Vanity Black Bathroom Sink

Sanitary Ware Egg Shape Bathroom Vanity Black Bathroom Sink

The Bathroom vanity sinks cabinet is a simple and free living space we built. Quiet and elegant tones, like the warm sunshine in the winter, the soft warmth is the warmth and elegance of your imagination. This is a collision between luxury fashion and art.
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Product Details

Reasonable Rate and Efficient Service' for Sliding Door Wardrobe With Dressing Table, walk in wardrobes for small spaces, Modern Veneer Kitchen Cabinets. We insist on original design, aiming to provide users with all-round choices, and also enrich product resources for cooperative customers. With the advent of the new economic era, the important role of innovation capabilities in the formation of corporate core competitive advantages will become more and more obvious. Under the premise of ensuring normal operation, we actively develop market share to expand market influence so as to develop new products.

Description of goods

Main cabinet material:Solid wood board / high density board / solid wood
mirror:HD silver mirror
sink:High temperature calcined ceramic basin
Name:Bathroom vanity sinks
Shipment:By sea

Bathroom vanity sinks

Bathroom vanity sinks

Bathroom vanity sinks


1. Wrap with bubble film

2. Use foam packaging

3. Outsourcing with thick cardboard boxes

4. External wooden frame fixing

We will negotiate with you according to the actual situation, this package is for reference only.

Bathroom vanity sinks


1. Multi-layer solid wood

2. HD silver mirror

3. Environmentally friendly paint free

4. Multi-color optional

5. Antifouling glaze

6. Greater storage

Bathroom vanity sinks

Our products are well received and praised by users, and are widely used in Sanitary Ware Egg Shape Bathroom Vanity Black Bathroom Sink. We keep the path of green development and promote the company's product transformation and upgrading. With the rapid development of technology, our product processing and testing equipment is more and more automatic and intelligent.


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