Wholesale Modern Simple Style Hinged Door Bedroom Wooden Wardrobe (ACS3-H05)

Wholesale Modern Simple Style Hinged Door Bedroom Wooden Wardrobe (ACS3-H05)

We carefully select high-quality wood, introduce German high-tech, and produce high-quality 8 door wardrobes to bring satisfaction to customers. The biggest feature of the multi-door wardrobe is the powerful storage capacity. Our professional designers make full use of the internal space to divide into different functional areas, making the wardrobe more functional and practical.
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Product Details

With an international vision and global service capabilities, we strive to provide customers with cost-effective kitchen cabinets for small kitchen, Phone Movable Silence Booth, walk in wardrobes with doors products. Our excellent technical talents and quality test system lay a good foundation for ensuring the product production process. We advocate simple and exquisite design concept, in line with the principle of customer-oriented, objective reality, innovation and development and strive to create new industry standards in the pursuit of perfection.

8 Door Wardrobes' quick details

Name:8 door wardrobes
Material:Solid wood
Place of origin:Zhejiang,China

Selling points

 1. Simple door panel modeling, transverse door panel and longitudinal door panel combination, highlight the sense of hierarchy; 

2. Of bamboo grain open case join to add interest of life for ark of a complete set of hutch, appear more sweet, also convenient in daily life, commonly used article deposit and take. 

3. Contracted bright light shake handshandle appears very joker on inferior smooth door plank.

8 door wardrobes

8 Door Wardrobes'  advantages

1. Selection of quality raw materials

The selected natural solid wood raw materials are naturally dried to a water content of 5%-8%, and then the raw materials are cut by a precision cutting machine, which is carefully selected and purchased.

2. Carefully cut and polished

8 door wardrobes

Our company understands and accurately forecasts customer demand for each Wholesale Modern Simple Style Hinged Door Bedroom Wooden Wardrobe (ACS3-H05) and reduces inventory while improving customer service and sales. We always insist on putting social benefits in the first place, pursuing the unification of social and economic benefits, and striving to create the best integrated economic and social value. After years of market experience, our business level in the international position is constantly improving.


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