Tv Stand With Cabinet And Drawers

Tv Stand With Cabinet And Drawers

TV cabinets and cabinets and drawers are available in multiple colors, with high quality raw materials, beautiful and unique design. The bottom is handled by the hidden form, the smooth guide rails, the mute is smooth, and the operation is not stuck.
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Name of Commodity:tv stand with cabinet and drawers
Hardware Accessories:Domestic quality brand
Number of packages1 pc
Weight:About 100kg


Company History:

2006: Hangzhou Anbo Kitchenware Co., Ltd. was incorporated

2007: Preparation for the establishment of Hangzhou Anbo Kitchenware Co., Ltd.

2008: Anbo's first direct flagship store, Linping Store officially opened, the first franchise store in Anbo officially opened

2009: Anbo New Industrial Park put into use

2010: A new breakthrough in the foreign trade market of Anbo, signed a sales contract with Kingfisher, the world's top 500 company; successfully passed the environmental protection certification of FSC forest origin; officially established the “kitchen space suitable for Chinese households” as the product development strategy.

2013: Anbo passed IS09001 quality management system certification.

2014: Anbo released the 2015-2017 three-year strategic plan; introduced the German Winconna membrane pressure equipment, kicked off the company's independent membrane pressure production process; and the Dutch Akzo Nobel strategic cooperation upgrade to create a high-quality paint series in the industry .

2015: Introduction of CNC machining center

2016: Anbo Kitchen Cabinet Aesthetic Experience Hall opened; Anbo signed Liu Tao as the image spokesperson and released a new brand proposition: Anbo, a kitchen and a life, and thus build a new brand image and system communication plan; Anbo Company It has invested heavily in the development of Anbo intelligent whole wood system software to speed up the realization of machine substitution and lead the industry.

2017: Anbo kitchen cabinets centered on kitchen cabinets, gradually extending product lines, wardrobes and other wooden products, and integrated into the Internet + concept, successfully opened the Anbo kitchen source + culture.

2018: Anbo kitchen cabinet and famous movie star Liu Tao successfully renewed and introduced a new German production line. As the leading brand of high-end kitchen cabinets in China, Anbo has proposed the new design of Anbo's original craftsmanship kitchen cabinets, which is particularly strong and non-deformable, thus further opening up the new strategy of Anbo brand development.

2019: The “Anbo Kitchen Cabinet|Full House Customization” brand was released and won the “First Demonstration Enterprise of China's Whole Kitchen Industry Quality Brand Activity Plan”, and participated in the Guangzhou Construction Expo with a new brand image.

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