6 Door Sliding Wardrobe

6 Door Sliding Wardrobe

The 6-door sliding wardrobe has a beautiful appearance, simple and versatile green wardrobe, adopts environmental protection technology and upgrades the quality, which enhances the load-bearing capacity and aesthetics of the wardrobe. The 6-door sliding wardrobe has a powerful storage function, and the scientific interior space layout will be convenient for storage. You will be very satisfied with this.
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Product Details

Material: plate

Item No.: AMB786

Processing method: sample customization

Specifications: 1200*450*1800mm

Brand: Amblem

Model: plate wardrobe

Style: Modern

Color: Classic Grey / Elegant White / Custom Color

6 door sliding wardrobe


To be packed in cartons

6 door sliding wardrobe

Company culture

   Amblem, as an extension of the boss group in the kitchen field, is a company specializing in high-end kitchen and home manufacturing. 

   Amblem inherits the boss's unremitting pursuit of quality. Anbo is entrusted with the Group's ardent hope for us. Carrying the responsibility of building the Chinese people's own kitchen. Since its inception in 2006, we have carefully studied and studied hard and made great progress.

    Four years ago, we made great efforts and made great efforts to maintain sales growth of about 40% per year. In 2018, we made up our mind to open a new era of Anbo. For 39 years, we have had an indissoluble bond with the kitchen. For 5,000 years, the kitchen has also condensed the rise and fall of Chinese families. 

   Life, diet, collaboration, habits, emotions, growth, and celebrations are all performed one after another in this small kitchen. It is related to diet and is closely related to the diet.

6 door sliding wardrobe

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