Sliding Door Wardrobe Large

sliding door wardrobe largeare of Push-pull sliding door design, cabinet door switch is convenient and labor-saving, high-quality hardware guide rail push and pull, smooth and firm. The touch is clear, the touch is delicate and comfortable, the storage space is large, and the limited space is freed to make life more comfortable.
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Sliding Door Wardrobe Large

Sliding Door Wardrobe Large's quick details

Name of products:
sliding door wardrobe large

Exterior color:

Navy/black/Custom color

Wardrobe material:Log/High density synthetic wood board
Partition material:Log/Custom material
Size:1500mm*2500mm*400mm/Custom size




Our products are packaged in pearl cotton, foam trim, carton, etc., scientifically packaged to effectively protect the goods.

Sliding Door Wardrobe Large


Sliding Door Wardrobe Large is made of high-density board, and the quality is praised by many customers. The parts are made of hardware, which is not easy to be damaged or corroded, and has a long service life.

Describe a light and luxurious life with modern simple style and exquisite and elegant texture. The combination change of multi-material collides with a wonderful spark.


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